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It is said that trademark registration costs are difficult to understand.

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Simple and easy-to-understand fee structure,

Fees for application and registration have been simplified.

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The other average application fee of one category is

69,536 yen,

Other average success fees are:

45,409 yen

The other average total of 114,945 yen

It is a commission of one category of other average.

On the other hand, we have a one-third application fee,

No success reward,

Free search upon application

Service fee for application

19,800 yen

As shown in the table above, we offer high quality services at low prices, clear and concise rates.
For high-quality services, please check with your voice (evaluation).

Service fee for registration
16,800 yen

The total cost for a trademark registration in one class for a valid term of five years is below:
Official application fee: 12,000 JPY
Service fee for application: 19,800 JPY
Official registration fee: 16,400 JPY
Service fee for registration: 16,800 JPY

The trademark registration fee is low and there is no performance fee, but the quality is not degraded.

Trademark registration is for products and services.
This is done for each category.
About the classification,
Please check the trademark registration category.

Individuals, retailers, small businesses, clinics, hospitals,

Incorporated association, non profit organization, NPO corporation,

Companies listed on the TSE First Section, countries, etc.

We have received requests from many people.

We have also registered many trademarks for foreign customers.

For example, Australian beef “Ogee beef”

Of famous foreign public organizations

We have also registered three trademarks, the following letters and logos.

[Figure Trademark Trademark Registration No. 5884220]

[Standard character trademark trademark registration No. 5890334]

“Let’s Barbie! ]
[Standard character trademark Trademark registration No. 5890335]

The above is also a trademark registered by our office.

Former state official, trademark attorney registered and registered trademark

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The main fees other than the application for trademark registration in Japan are as follows.

The fee for applying for an international trademark (Madpro) starts from 30,000 yen.

Fees for foreign trademarks start at 20,000 yen. As an example, the fee for filing in China starts at 20,000 yen, depending on the rate at that time. All foreign applications for 2018 are registered.

The fee for application for design registration starts at 30,000 yen.

Copyright registration fee starts from 10,000 yen.

Please contact us for details.

If the application is not filed despite the result of the search that it can be registered at our office, 10,000 yen (excluding tax) for 1 category, 20,000 yen (excluding tax) for 2 categories, 30,000 for 3 categories Please note that it will be according to the category like yen (excluding tax). If the application is not filed after the application has been completed, the application fee for each category will be charged.
In addition, despite the search, if the application is filed at another patent office or filed by yourself, it is 10,000 yen (excluding tax) for one category and 20,000 yen (excluding tax) for two categories. ), In the case of 3 categories, please note that you will be charged according to the category, such as 30,000 yen (excluding tax).