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About authentication email from Amazon after trademark registration

After registering the trademark, you will receive a certification email from Amazon to the Precious ip International  Trademark Inc.

Amazon is essentially subject to trademark registration.

It supports a large number of trademark registration authentication emails from Amazon.

In Amazon, a major mail order company, the following is described in the “Benefits of brand registration”

Amazon’s “Brand Registration” makes it easier to protect your brand’s registered trademark on Amazon and helps to provide customers with a reliable and satisfying shopping experience.

By registering your brand, you can use product search features with unique text and images and automatic predictions based on data from past intellectual property infringement claims.

In addition, you can grasp the status of the product that is linked to the registered brand name and change the information on the product detail page with priority.

Register now to reduce the number of products that infringe your intellectual property rights and work together to ensure that your brand image is correctly represented on Amazon.

As mentioned above, Amazon encourages brand registration and, in effect, trademark registration.

We have registered a number of trademarks for companies and individuals who sell online at Amazon.

We have registered many trademarks for overseas and foreign companies and individuals.

After registering the trademark, you will receive the following email from Amazon.


Dear Trademark Contact for○○〇〇,

We write to validate the identity of an individual seeking to enroll ○○〇〇 in Amazon Brand Registry.

You are listed as the contact for the registered trademark for ○○○○. Amazon Brand Registry helps rights owners protect registered trademarks on Amazon and create a more accurate and trusted experience for customers.

As the gatekeeper for the brand ○○○○, your role is very important. Enrollment in Amazon Brand Registry gives rights owners access to powerful tools including proprietary text and image search in addition to increased authority over product listings that have your brand name.

For more details, see

We are unable to give you the applicant’s name, but we asked them to contact you.

To give the applicant approval to enroll ○○○○ in Amazon Brand Registry, provide them with the verification code listed below.

If you do not want to grant access, do not provide the code.

After the brand is enrolled with the correct rights owner, they can enroll additional users with limited or customized roles. Verification code: ○○○○○○○○ Thank you in advance for your assistance, Amazon Brand Registry Support

Amazon Brand Registration Support Ivy L. Please note: this e-mail was sent from a notification-only address that cannot accept incoming e-mail.Please do not reply to this message.

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