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Japanese trademark registration

Welcome to our Homepage.

We are very pleased with your visit, especially from a foreign country.

We have a track record of many Japanese trademark registrations for foreign clients.

Australia in the Southern Hemisphere, China in the Northern Hemisphere, and the United States.

For example, we have a track record of filing multiple trademark registration applications, multiple trademark registrations, and filing oppositions to trademark registrations for public organizations in Australia that are well-known even in Japan.

Over 10 years of track record and trust

Sophisticated, high-quality intellectual property services

Clear accounting, easy-to-understand fee structure, and reasonable fees
Professional patent attorney’s intellectual property services that are not mechanical or manual

We can fully meet the needs of customers who want to request a high-quality office that can register trademarks more reliably and with peace of mind while minimizing the cost burden.

All applications for 2014, 2018 and 2021 have been registered

Overseas / foreign countries correspondence! Worldwide support!

Trademark registration, design registration, copyright, etc. can be done online from all over the country, overseas/overseas.

Speedy and flexible,  appropriate, kind, courteous

We have a lot of experience in assigning/transferring trademark rights, patent rights, etc., address changes, name changes, etc., so please feel free to leave it to us.